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Staying at Hostel Jericho

Staying at Hostel Jericho

Hostel Jericho

Another fascinating place to visit is the place called, “Qumran”. Tourists may hardly get to this place but it is definitely rewarding to get the opportunity to visit this place. During the early times, this place has been the home of the Jewish sect. Today, it is a dry plateau about a mile inland from the northwestern shore of the Dead Sea. You might be curious about the place. Make haste and visit Qumram!

Qumram is the closest settlement to the caves where the Dead Sea scrolls were found. To learn further about how the Dead Sea scrolls got into the caves, it is necessary for the archeologists and scientist to visit the closest civilization to the Dead Sea caves. The Qumram settlement was close to the Israeli settlement and Kibbutz of Kalia which makes this place relevant to the history of Israel. You may find some Hostel Jericho around the place where you can settle for the night before you set foot on your next exploration. Hostel Jericho is the perfect place that you can find in the heart of Qumram.

The Qumram was built during the Hellenistic period by the time John Hyrcanus was ruling the entire place. It is occupied and destroyed by the Romans in 68 CE. War came to this place and scientists find it logical that people may run into caves to get protection away from the captors. Hence, there are evidences of people who settled that are found in those caves and of course, the Dead Sea scrolls.

Hostel Jericho: Qumram

The discovery of Qumram is quite mysterious. The place doesn’t have much of the population but it does have a very complex defensive landscape. Scientists and archeologists believe that Qumram is an ancient and small fortress. There are other findings as well that scientists and archeologists noted. Qumran was also a burial ground as thousands of tombs were found in the deepest parts of the fortress.

The site of Khibet Qumram had been known to the European explorers since the 19th century. Some British scholars visited Qumram and had concluded that it was a fortress after overlooking the Ein Feshkha Springs. There are lots of discoveries that were found in Qumram even some of their arts and crafts. They’ve discovered Qumram pottery and some ancient high quality coins after years of excavating the area. Today, there are still evidences of the ancient pottery that we can see today. You can sometimes find these arts in some Hostel Jericho that can be found just a couple of minutes travel from Qumram. Staying at Hostel Jericho won’t cost you much as they are one of the cheapest hostels in the entire Jericho.

Hostel Jericho :ancient Qumram

The population of the ancient Qumram is almost nothing. Scientists had noted that in every 1000 square meters piece of land, there would be just about 10 to 15 people living on it. The size of Qumram is also not that big but they have good structures that make it a puzzle what lies in there. But today, Qumram is considered a great tourist attraction where you can visit and marvel at the ancient works. As you stay, you can always find rooms at Hostel Jericho. Hostel Jericho make it their honor to provide you with the best services you deserve.

Hostel Jericho

Hostel Jericho

Hostel Jericho

Are you suffering from seemingly endless and undying skin disease? If you do, there is a place where you can find healing from all of that disease. This particular place is called, The Dead Sea. Every year, the Dead Sea has been visited by thousands and thousands of tourists every month not just by splashing around and having a beach volley, but to hope that their diseases will be cured by the healing capabilities of the Dead Sea waters. Although it is miraculously confusing but it is proven that the Dead Sea waters can heal several skin diseases that anybody has. To clear this confusion and curiosity, it’s time for you to head straight Hostel Jericho and to the Dead Sea region.

Dating back to Biblical times, the Dead Sea was mentioned is several scrolls made by Cleopatra. Cleopatra believed that these Dead Sea waters are capable of healing which she later documented in one of her scrolls. The salt of the Dead Sea was used in ancient Egypt times as skin creams, scrubs, soaps, and in other means just like how we used it today. The Dead Sea waters have the highest salt content in the entire world. The saltiness of the Dead Sea is about ten times than ordinary sea water that we used to splash ourselves. The salt is incredibly concentrated that you will be able to float by yourself in the water even if you don’t have a life vest on or even if you’re not a good swimmer. So if you’re planning to go to the Dead Sea, there are several hostels that you can visit. One of the best hostels is the Hostel Jericho just nearby the Dead Sea. Hostel Jericho offers you great accommodations and services that will surely make yourself comfortable and at ease.

Hostel Jericho: the dead sea

The composition of the minerals in the Dead Sea water is different from ordinary sea water that you know. The Dead Sea water has only 12 to 18% sodium chloride. In a normal ocean, 97% of the salt in it was sodium chloride. Dead Sea waters are way too different and even have much more minerals than any other sea. Major ions that you can find in the Dead Sea waters are Chloride, Bromide, Magnesium, Sodium, Calcium, and Potassium. These ions are very much concentrated in the Dead Sea waters rather than in an ordinary sea. The minerals that can be found in the Dead Sea mud are Silicon dioxide, Calcium oxide, Aluminum oxide, Magnesium oxide, Iron oxide, Sodium oxide, Potassium oxide, Titanium oxide, Sulfur trioxide, Phosphorus pentoxide, Chloride, and Bromide.

Hostel Jericho: the minerals

Those minerals that are found in the Dead Sea mud have been extracted into different dermatological products that you knew today. You can find soaps, body scrubs, body wash, skin creams, and many other products that came from the Dead Sea. As you stay in the Dead Sea Region, Hostel Jericho can provide you with information about where you can buy these Dead Sea skin products that would help you cure your disease if you have any. Hostel Jericho also arranges a tour for you to visit the Dead Sea. Enjoy your stay at Hostel Jericho and splash your way to the famous Dead Sea.

Visiting the St. George Orthodox Monastery and Staying at Jericho hostel

Jericho Hostel

Jericho hostel:

If you want to visit the famous St. George Orthodox Monastery, there are a couple of things that you may want to know before planning your trip there.  The Saint George Orthodox Monastery is located in the Wadi Kelt, just in the eastern bank of the Palestinian territories.

The Saint George Orthodox Monastery is one of the most complicated structures built during the sixth century. It has a wonderful garden and an ancient chapel where inhabited by monks. You can get to the monastery by the pedestrian bridge across the Wadi Kelt and has believed by many as the Valley of the Shadow. The monastery itself had participated in many events in the Bible. You can find the relevance of St. George Orthodox Monastery in the book of Psalms and Ezekiel. The Valley of the Shadow is also parallel to the old Roman road which was mention in the book of Luke where the story of the Good Samaritan was told.

Jericho hostel: St. George Orthodox Monastery

The places are still intact although there are some fully damaged evidences of the ancient biblical times. The St. George Orthodox Monastery is open for tours. You can visit the St. George Orthodox Monastery in group tours that can be arranged in the city. There is also Jericho hostel  that you can go to whenever you want a perfect place to stay during your visit.  Jericho hostel offers services for guided tours to the Saint George Orthodox Monastery.

This Greek Orthodox Monastery was first begun during the fourth century with a few couple of monks living in the compound.  In the 5th century, the Orthodox Monastery was built by John of Thebes. John of Thebes built the temple but he moved to Egypt to Syria Palaestina and there, he became a hermit. The Orthodox Monastery was then given a name to Gorgias of Coziba, which later turned into St. George Orthodox Monastery. The St. George Orthodox Monastery has been destroyed several times which was later built and restored to its former glory.

Jericho hostel: The final restoration

It was destroyed by Persians which was after several years, has been restored and abandoned again. The final restoration was led by a Greek monk named, Kalinikos, who settled in the monastery and fully reconstructed the place by 1901. Today, many tourists marveled at the magnificent works and structure of the monastery. Until now, you can still see the wonderfully decorated walls, jars, and even the skulls of the previous monks that were slain by the Persians. Jericho hostel  can be found not that far from the site. Jericho hostel  is known for their great accommodations and perfect location that would easily get you to this place without travelling too far. Jericho hostel  also has great staffs that will provide you with the necessary information and tips on how to get less during your trip to the Saint George Monastery.

There are several historical sites that you can find as you visit Jericho. Other historical places may hold a mysterious history that will surely left you with intriguing questions. Enjoy your trip and be comfortable at Jericho hostel .


Jericho Israel and Visiting Jericho Hostel

Jericho Hostel

Jericho Hostel:

One of the most fascinating places in Earth is the ancient city of Jericho. It is also known as Tell es-Sultan which was the given name by the archeologists. The ancient city of Jericho had its own mysterious history that is still a puzzle to archeologists and scientists today. The total circumference of the city may cover an area about a mile.  The ancient city of Jericho during the ancient times doesn’t have much population living on it. Scientists and archeologists round it up for about 2, 500 people for the entire city. Today, the ancient city of Jericho lies in the center of the modern age Jericho in Israel. The location is about 18 miles east of Jerusalem. You can find lots of people now living in the modern age Jericho city and the area of the city is even bigger. Tourists and travelers from all over the world visit Jericho for wonderful attractions and entertaining events that happen in the city. There are also tours to the ancient Jericho which you will have the opportunity to witness the ancient cultures, traditions, and everyday lives of the ancient people living in that city. You can also find Jericho hostel  located nearby the place if you need a perfect accommodation where you can stay and be comfortable. Jericho hostel is the finest in the entire city.

Jericho hostel: the lowest in the world

In the uninhabitable land surrounding Jericho, commonly known as the Judean Desert, lies in about 984 feet below sea level. This makes the ancient city of Jericho the lowest in the world. Although today, scientists and archeologists stated that this land area is uninhabitable. But during the ancient times, this lowest place in the world has become a sanctuary for bandits, thieves, outlaws, and freedom fighters against the captivity of the authorities. All evidence and facts are collected by archeologists through ages of research and discovery. There are Jericho hostel  that is absolutely habitable and are located just a couple of minutes ride from the area. Jericho hostel  has great staffs that will surely make your stay the best experience ever.

The place itself was mentioned several times in the Bible and has been a very crucial entity to some very important bible facts. It was mentioned in the book of I Samuel where David finds his refuge here in this place to hide himself from Saul’s pursuit.  Christ’s temptation by Satan also happened near this region. Although the surrounding landscape is all deserts, there are some places in this region where you can find luscious and green plants. In the west side of the southern Jordan River Valley, there are significant places that played the most important role in providing natural resources and settlements for people during the ancient times.

Jericho hostel: Judean desert

Today, there are fewer settlements that you can find at this location. Most settlements now are concentrated in the city and less in the barren lands of Judean desert. You can still find lots of Jericho hostel  scattered around the entire region to provide you with the necessary shelter during your travels. Jericho hostel  will definitely welcome you and provide you with the best services that you deserve.


Visiting Wadi Kelt and Staying in Jericho Hostel

Jericho Hostel: Wadi Kelt

Jericho Hostel:

One of many mysterious places in Israel is the Ein Fawwar. Legend says that there are two Demons living below the spring of Ein Fawwar. These demons are engaged in a never-ending war against each other. The local legends say that if the good demon gets the upper hand, the water pours out of the spring. Otherwise, the bad demon takes over and reduces the flow of the spring into nothing. Although these legends may draw curiosity among the people including tourists and travelers that visited it, there are also scientific studies that prove that these are just some ways of nature. If you are interested to visit Ein Fawwar, you can arrange a tour or find a local tour guide to lead your way to the Ein Fawwar. You can also visit Jericho hostel . Jericho hostel can be located just a couple of minutes travel from Ein Fawwar.

Jericho Hostel: scientific facts

The scientific facts were as fascinating and intriguing as the legend itself. According to scientists, water of Ein Fawwar is slowly dripping through all year rounds and fills up a karstic cave. When the water is full, the water will flow into the pool for about 20 minutes. The process is then cycle again with the same method repeated. This is how Ein Fawwar got its name. The Ein Fawwar is an Arabic word for “comes out of the ground”.

Most of the Judean Desert is a huge basin running down from north to south, from the Judean hills to the cliffs above the Dead Sea. Ein Fawwar isn’t the only spring in the Judean Desert. The Judean Desert has three springs namely, Ein Fara, Ein Kelt, and Ein Fawwar. These springs are transported down to the Judean hills when flash floods occur. The riverbed of Wadi Kelt lies in the north of Jerusalem to the Jordan Valley.

The draining system of these springs has been like that since prehistoric times. According to scientists, these rivers just flowed wildly through the desert rocks deep in the ground. The current is digging through the rocks which cause the limestone and prehistoric layers of chalk to be exposed. Thousands of erosions caused these canyons to be formed. Two thousand years ago, King Herod built an aqueduct to carry out the water from these canyons to his castle and all around the parts of his kingdom. Today you can visit these places and they are still intact. You can also find Jericho hostel  located nearby the aqueducts that were built. Jericho hostel  has a nice view of the great sceneries and landscape of these places.

Jericho Hostel: the best tour

These places are now a perfect place to set a tour. You can watch the beautiful sceneries and also learn on how the early times had created their watering system. Tourist and travelers from all over the world are amazed with the great sights that you can see and may leave them curious about the spring of Ein Fawwar. At the end of the day, you will always find Jericho hostel  ready to welcome you to their place. Have a great day in Israel and stay at Jericho hostel .